Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bella & Tarra - Rock!

I know I'm supposed to like Zoo's. A long time family friend was a big financial supporter of various Zoo's and to some extent they are fun to visit like the San Diego Zoo. But the whole idea reminds me of jail. I'm not saying I'm right or rational but it strikes me as cruel.

Now what about the Circus? I know I'm supposed to like the Circus like the Zoo's I was taken when I was young. Clowns are funny and the high wire act is fearsome and real clowns like Penn & Teller and Groucho Marx are priceless, but the circus like the Zoo leaves me cold. On some level the whole carny thing bubbles up and weird for weird sake doesn't and hasn't ever done it for me.

All this leads me to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I love those people. What was supposed to be a gushing story about Bella & Tarra has become a confession of confusion on why we even have Zoo's and Circuses. I think the animal sanctuary is the model and viewing animals in a natural habitat like Yellowstone should be the way to go but there is merit in bringing the natural world to the city.

We have been so disconnected and dissociated with our globe. We think and govern from a point of view that is extremely limited in it's view. It's as if we need to turn off all the lights in the world at night just to reacquaint ourselves with our place in the universe. Wouldn't that be great a weekly black out! A temporary elimination of light pollution would probably freak people out. That's how insulated we have become.

And what should we become? Bella and Tarra provide that answer simply and sweetly. Oh my their video's below really get to me. What the natural world can teach us if only we paid a little more attention to our "real" place in it.

We are not gods or generals but manifestations of consciousness by a creative spirit or source of immense force and magnitude. We need to be more cognizant of creation that we are a part of it and that we are barely even lords over are own behavior. How dare we shoot wolves from helicopters and trophy hunt, how dare we create nuclear waste and war heads, how dare we point smoke stacks at the sky and spew dirty energy contaminants into the air, water and soil, how dare we, who do we think we are?

The point is the powers that be and the man in the street have gone off half cocked, half baked and totally gonzo from any real orientation to reality. We are way too arrogant for words quite frankly stupid. How else do you explain living in a world where we knowingly over-fish our food source, pollute our drinking water and kill each other over land and resources?

Weren't we taught to share and help each other like we were taught to go to the Zoo and Circus? Bella and Tarra rock we have a lot to learn from our global companions.

We need to stop slaughtering them, using and abusing them and realize everything we see, hear, taste and touch is a kindred spirit on a small tiny outpost of existence in a vast universe not created by our own doing. And treat all that we see, hear, touch and taste with the respect that such a force deserves.

It is our own undoing if we do not.

Thank you Bella & Tara I hope to live up to your example each and every day!

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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