Thursday, April 23, 2009

The U.S. vs John Lennon

I finally got around to viewing this documentary. I have to admit I teared up when I saw the millions protesting on the Mall in Washington D.C. Where are those people now? There is so much to fix in this country. Hopefully we are starting to correct the wrongs. The Patriot Act is un-patriotic, and Homeland security is a bureaucratic nightmare.

The mind set of torture, war, a trashed environment, the status quo closing its grip and ignoring the reality of health, education and the environment for a few more coins persists and won't go away without a desperate fight. They are beyond selfish and short sighted, nuclear weapons proliferating, nuclear waste piling up with no safe means of getting rid of it, and there is a legacy of debauchery and mismanagement from the previous administration that has to be cleaned out, cleaned up and fixed. We have a lot of work to do.

This film is a loving tribute to John. His detractors will point out his flaws and scream foul but their nit picking sounds hollow and desperate and afraid of the light and vision John promoted.

John told his fans peace is an alternative, apathy is not the answer and engaged his fans to register to vote and get involved in the process. For this he is dead. Just like the right wing war mongers of today and their smeary clamoring wannabe friends in the media and in the government John Lennon was vilified, and victimized for daring to speak out.

How do we know Utopia isn't possible if we do not try? Yes men are horrible creatures but if we lead by example instead of by poor example maybe more good men will evolve. Anything less than an attempt to educate, share and provide for each other will drop us to our knees as we grapple for each others throat. These are the alternatives these are our choices. It's better to aim high than excuse the pitiful debased hypocrisy of self aggrandizement and politics/business as usual and their ongoing atrocities.

Sorry clear eyed, dog eat dog, survival of the machismo whores your world view ends in chaos as the everyone in it for themselves crowd and their death struggle for the top of the heap leaves us all in a toxic waste land of decay and death.

Gandhi was right, so was John - Give Peace a your souls, in your home and in your world. Otherwise we are doomed to a failure spiral of greed, selfishness, false bravado, deception, and lies. You can't even follow the ten commandments of your espoused religion and you dismiss the peace makers as fools.

For those of you open minded, hopeful and practicing in your every day life what you preach - rent the DVD from Net flix. It's a must see documentary, heartfelt and eerily poignant for this very moment we live in...god bless you John - he was prosecuted, harassed, vilified and shot down for trying. To honor his memory - remember his message, give peace a chance and get active....apathy is not the answer.

Thank you Yoko - well done!

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