Thursday, April 09, 2009

Freedom From Oil

First off anytime you consolidate (acquisition and mergers) you cripple the market place (Exxon/Mobil - the big telecoms, the financial sector, and media). It's bad for business, it's bad for democracy, it's bad for America and its a blatant power grab.

Big oil dug in like a tick blocks new technology through legislation and monopoly, and even places their minions into the Executive Branch (President & Vice President).

That we find our selves mucking it up in the oil fields in Iraq isn't a big surprise. That half of the voting population fell for the saber rattling, bible thumping and jingoism is, but then again maybe that's half of the population that knew damn right well what we were doing and was okay with it - after all "drill baby drill" was their battle cry this past November.

Entrepreneurship and the innovative spirit is not only the story of this country but the life blood of the markets. Anytime a business gets too big to fail is exactly the time the SEC and the FEDs should break it apart. Big oil needs to get out of the way if they aren't going to get on board. Sending our boys and girls to die for their bonuses is down right evil. We can do better than that and should.

Clean energy innovations are busting at the seams. A little seed money from the Feds diverted from antiquated defense weapons, the pentagon and the antiquated energy sector will do the trick.

People back to work upgrading our grid and infrastructure will have jobs for generations. We are on the verge of something big, long lasting, sustainable and equitable. Our politicians must be held accountable - either they are with us or against coin a phrase.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Freedom From Oil - Book Review

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