Friday, January 16, 2009

Andrew Wyeth - An Appreciation

Andrew's paintings spoke to me on a very quiet and deep level. For whatever reason I connected with his work immediately. What an honor to have such a talent and friend of the earth so close to home. His stark, quiet work spoke to the art, awareness and peace of loneliness. In a world jam packed with distractions his solitary images were a relief to the chaotic world around us which overstimulates our very core. In that quiet solitude lies the strength, recognition and depth of our very being and existence.

A moment to tune in and pause in front of one of his deeply reflective works slowed me down and reminded me to appreciate the beauty in simplicity, and the art in the ordinary but perhaps maybe not so ordinary world around us. His work spoke to a romanticized simpler time and had a melancholy air but always with light. Therein perhaps lay hope and the revelation of time, it's passing slow like molasses, eternal and forever seeping through every fiber of our being, calm, silent, almost still. The quiet in the frantic.

Andrew's paintings soothed our souls and reminded me of what peace there is in being still and aware of the beauty in even the smallest thing, a glance, a sleeping puppy, a wind swept sea, a flock of birds, a far off look, and light always light dancing off everything. It is a magical world. Sometimes we have to be still and calm to fully appreciate that. Wonderful things are in the ordinary and Andy's work helped me to see, feel, remember and embrace that.

Well done and thank you Andy.

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

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