Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Proposition 8 - The False Security of the Status Quo

It always seemed to me that the people most freaked out about homosexuals felt vulnerable about their own lifestyle in some way. As if gay people as a whole affected other peoples lives in a negative way. Perhaps a gay lifestyle calls into question the readily accepted values of the status quo? I've always wondered why the status quo if they are so sure about what it is that they are about then why are they so alarmed about people living outside of their box?

Paul Newman said once and I think it was pretty astute that when people see someone who is truly free it freaks the heck out of them. Maybe Newman was quoting Ken Kesey but it's still an interesting thought worthy of more contemplation and I would not be too dismissive.

In the long run most people realize and accept that it's not a one size fits all world. In fact it's a world of infinite variety and variation. Any amount of independent observation will show you that, and even people come in all manner of shapes sizes and colors. If you see someone doing something different than you it is not a repudiation of your choices because you arrived at your own choices through your own set of circumstances and surroundings.

To the extent that people feel threatened by other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles most likely coincides with how readily they accepted or failed to ponder their "accepted" modes of behavior.

At the end of the day gay people don't hurt anybody. What's the big deal a couple of lesbians holding hands - so what - if you look past the surface you have two people that are there for each other. In a world full of lonely, frustrated, isolated and depressed people most who rely on drugs (prescribed or other wise) and alcohol, that's a good thing. Why would anyone object to someone else's happiness?

Live and let live...do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you are not living your life by those two codes - no matter how you dress, or where you worship, or how you vote, or what flag you salute - you are the one doing the wrong thing.

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