Monday, November 03, 2008

No Change McCain

In a last ditch effort John McCain's latest strategy is to whitewash his horrible deceitful image with chummy appearances on Saturday Night Live. Go sell your snake oil elsewhere you are a fraud. McCain has taken a huge amount of money from the oil industry. If elected the future will again be put on hold for another four years. With his recurring bouts with melanoma and the stress of the job, his Machiavellian pick for VP would run roughshod over him. I am repulsed beyond belief by John McCain's tactics, choice for VP and whole sale sell out to the very people who accused him of having a baby out of wedlock. Lets not even talk about his ice queen wife as first lady. I have zero respect for that gang and this noun & verb and I was a POW candidate. I have zero respect for the complete sellout he is and zero hope that he would have the vision or political will power to unleash the green economy, and the jobs that would bring. A vote for McCain is a vote for more tax dollars going to Exxon/Mobil don't worry the price of gasoline will go up right after the election is over.

A vote for McCain leaves the Petro-dictators in charge and that isn't good for you or me or the rest of the middle class, America and the World.

The Real McCain Videos
McCain & Oil

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