Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ray Davies Other Peoples Lives - Music Review

I waited a while to purchase this CD because of some bogus reviews (and budget of course). Well without leaving you in suspense this is a great disc. I read a bunch of insipid comments about the lyrics weren't tricky enough - here's a reminder you negative dopes - this man rhymed Lola and cola and you loved it - and you should.

In Ray's latest effort there are plenty of sonic delights. The production is stellar, the energy is up and direct and Ray...well hearing Ray's voice again is a sheer delight. Now I'm not a hard core Kinks fan and you don't have to be to enjoy this album. Archetypal themes mix with Rays wit and salty mind set to produce a rather surprising disc. In fact I'm surprised by how much I really like this batch of tunes. It starts out rockin' and then the third song bounces in with a very Kink like tune, a bouncy theme that runs counter with the look at yourself lyrics. I've always loved how Ray makes a song sound all light and airy while the lyrics paint a different story, but in the end still hopeful.

Well done Ray!

There's a lot going on here - different styles of music at once edgy, rockin', folky, satirical, spacey, acoustic, humor. In other words it doesn't sound all the same cut after cut. Welcome back Ray and for the uber fans lighten up. His lyrics are just fine and as insightful, hopeful and honest as ever. This is a big boy record by a man, and completely accessible to all. You don't have to know about the Kinks or even like them to appreciate this disc. It's well worth the buy! Stand Up Comic is a hoot and it rocks...and that's that!

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