Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Out of Order - Movie Review

It's gushing time - I loved this movie. Eric Stoltz plays the lead character so well and understated. Felicity Huffman digs down deep and delivers the goods on a very difficult part. Kim Dickens also does an excellent job and has a quiet dignity about her. Justine Bateman plays it to the hilt and we love her for it. All the acting is top notch, subtle, not over the top. This is an adult film about adult problems and adult situations directed by adults but not so maudlin it doesn't have a sense of humor about itself and it's protagonist and characters. The actual film shooting, camera work and the way the director moves you through time into the past and back again is artful and imaginative and a complete no-brainer. This is a great movie I loved each and every aspect of it. The ending is a knock out to the solar plexus. It brought about a sense of joy and longing and affirmation that is too often blunted. This is a movie about selfishness, anger, hurt, perseverance, hope, love, lust, ambition, opportunity and opportunity lost. It is all here and the amazing thing is that this was a Showtime mini series from 2003. What has been released is the pilot. I was amazed at the passion and backlash at only releasing the pilot by the fans. I guess the other four episodes were just as gut wrenching and fulfilling. Not knowing any of this I watched this as a stand alone movie - and it delivered the goods.

You won't be disappointed - as far as people not getting this movie - have a heart - we should all be so lucky and count your blessings!

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