Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ted and Rupert Sitting in a Tree

Ted Stevens gets his home raided by the F.B.I. and I.R.S. I guess being a complete whore for the Oil Industry has its consequences.

And Rupert Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal (the Prestigious, inbred, bastion of the right) will eventually (clown up) and Fox News the rights holy grail of a news paper (but not change its politics). The leading prestigious newspaper tucked under every arm of the "holier than thou" will be nothing more than a tabloid screaming it's position instead of trying to nuance the same nonsense.

In the end the right wing, conservative, monied power elite's favorite rag will now be dressed up in clown makeup and drag the whole bunch down with them leaving Reverend Moon's "Washington Times" as the leading rag of the right wing elite.

This is fantastic I love it. That veneer of prestige and elitism of the monied Wall Street reader (most just carried it around never reading it) have lost their flagship.

Like putting McDonald's Arch's at the front gates of all their Country Clubs their air of superiority self dissolves into a tabloid reality of O'Reilyness, and will bring the eventual rejection by the salt of the Earth who's loyalty they trounced. Leaving now only the Armageddonist fanatics and beer soaked Nascar dads to carry the flag of Conservatism as the Neo Con's implode on the Hill.

Well done - they have done themselves in quicker than the progressives can even blog about it.

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