Monday, December 04, 2006

WAKE UP - Grand Oil Party at it right now Today!

While visions of holiday shopping and what to get Mom and feeling fat after Thanksgiving occupy our mind, and I've got to get the decorations out and when to buy the tree the Grand Oil Party is at it again. They are secretly trying to pass laws to drill everywhere up and down our coastal waterways during this very moment during their last "throes" of power.

They are continuing to ignore the need of a healthy environment, ecosystem and food chain. Their reckless greed driven actions are treason against our nations sovereignty, our collective health as a nation and the will of the people. These oil drillers from Texas who this Country elected because they draped themselves in the cloak of the Flag and the Wooden Cross of Christianity are showing their true colors once again. Greed, greed, greed resulting in a drill everywhere policy because that is where their personal stock portfolios are invested.

Not once have they increased gas mileage efficiency so we know their concern isn't using less oil from the Middle East or energy independence. If they increased fuel efficiency these oil men in the White House would sell less oil and their personnel portfolios would loose money. Foisted on the voters as the only ones who can save America the Bush family has disgraced itself repeatedly by it's incompetence and lack of understanding. They are a corrupt family who only cares about their own ill gotten gains and have destroyed America's name and wilderness and God's very own creation Earth at home and abroad. What's so patriotic about that, what's so Christian? Tell me again who the evil doers are?


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From the NY Time article linked above:

Representative Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, said in a statement Sunday that “executive withdrawal on oil and gas leasing in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, one of our nation’s most sensitive fisheries, combined with House Republicans scheduling a vote next week to expand offshore drilling off Florida’s coast, only underscores that G.O.P. stands for Gas and Oil Party.”

Mr. Markey added, “The administration should be leading efforts to increase fuel economy standards, which would dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

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