Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ted Stevens Must Go

Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska shows his utter incompetence and disregard for his duties in an abysmal attempt to frame the issue of Net Neutrality. Holly smokes that Ted Stevens quote is abysmal. How horrible! It's a staffer translation of lobbyist spin completely misunderstood and garbled by a senile old man. Just tell me how to vote Stevens has also put his thumb down on the Windmill Farms cleared by the coast guard off New England. Why an Alaskan republican is so against Windmills a whole continent away from his home State can only support the theory that the goal of US energy policy is NOT to cut into oil company profits.

Ted Stevens is not doing his due diligence and is derelict in his duties to the Nation and the tax payers. Read his abysmal quote on Net Neutrality and be horrified!

Thank you Daniel Rubin at Blinq for the red alert and link back to the original article.

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