Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stem Cells Are Murder??!!??

One of the problems with the religious right is they think that man can alter god’s will - even if you accept the fact that life begins at conception - the exact moment the sperm hits the egg - (every sperm is sacred) it still doesn’t justify not helping people when the opportunity to help them comes along. Accepting the religious wrongs position you still have various degrees of development and then the full bloom of human consciousness bringing forth the channel for creativity embodied in the human being. However, following the religious wrongs logic - the end result of god’s miracle is to be damned. The second tier of the argument in support of the veto is the “not with my tax dollars” rhetoric. While I support the notion of fewer taxes and a huge roll back on the payroll tax I can not accept this “excuse” for inhumanity in the face of major tax breaks for the uber wealthy and super rich and the tax breaks and subsidies for the uber profitable oil industry. The hypocrisy is so enormous we don’t even talk about it!

More to the issue as they have framed it how can the full bloom of god’s creation be treated with more disdain than then the moment the sperm hits the egg. Me thinks they got it backwards. The end result of consciousness and creativity is the god force making itself known in our three dimensional reality and in our collective conscious and subconscious reality. The miracle is life, and is this planet we live on and focusing only on conception and using that to deny help to all those around us is ignoring the reason we are here in the first place.

It’s not to give birth or gain power but to help one another. Until the powers that be get that figured out we are doomed to blunder and stumble and waste the dawn. Mankind can only detract from god’s creation personified and god’s platform the earth and its atmosphere by lusting for power, greed and self agrandizing. The intention behind the act is the divining force everything else is just an excuse to cover up a self serving agenda of power, control and greed.

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