Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Century Republicans Obstructionists of the Future

I've owned businesses you want to lower your overhead as far as possible.  Doesn't the wind blow in the mountains doesn't the sun shine there as well?  The status quo is wedded to a hundred year old technology and will continue to make money on it unless new technologies are developed. 

The problem is that their dirty technology is not only giving people cancer but giving people asthma downwind.  That affects our national bottom line/productivity and inflates our health care cost as well as the acidification of the oceans killing our food chain.

It is the exact role and purpose of government to manage and mitigate our national economy when its not working for everyone - why you may ask - because that's the difference between a civilized nation and Somalia or Syria and don't doubt that for a second. 

If you were a patriot you would care about your country and your neighbors.

You live in a fantasy world if you think deregulation means anything other than unlawful behavior. 

Our corporate CEO's aren't benevolent Christians bestowing generosity upon us - they are business men plain and simple focused on their own bottom line. 

We would get nothing not one residual penny from them for our labor and resources if they could arrange it so and they never stop trying to arrange it that way 24/7. 

Like it or not the democratic party is the only friend you have unless your net worth is a billion a year.  And you better wise up to that pretty fast. 

For the record the Obama-Gore vision is the vision of the majority of the people but for the republican obstructionist representing the old ways we would be well on our way to achieving that vision.  But some so called patriots prefer giving our tax dollars away in the form of "subsidies" to the already profitable oil industry.  That's just plain mismanagement and something for real to be mad at the government  about.

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