Friday, February 03, 2012

Wall Street Money Moves to Romney - Will Move Back to Obama Next Week

There's a big news article reflecting that Wall Street is acting like babies and they are taking their money sourced from ill gotten gains and the tax payer bailout to fund Mitt Romney. Apparently the Mitt has a broad coalition reflecting the plurality of American national democracy of 45 whole people. Seriously he's got just 45 super rich buddies the upper, upper 1% funding him exclusively and now Wall Street wants to back the Mittster as well.

Funny thing about reports like this they are always behind the curve. And Wall Street is only further antagonizing the President when they should be kissing his ass. Not only is the republican party a complete joke of propagandizing rhetoric spewing frauds - their own self identified republican voters can't stand their blatant hypocrisy and out right phoniness either. Sure Gingrich can whip up the last remaining racists in South Carolina but other than that they've got nothing.

The sincerely religious know they are being paid lip service, the sincere tea partiers know they have been usurped by the corporate wolf in tea party clothes, and the Fox news watchers starring at the vapid news announcers are just too old and uninspired. Fox news is programing better suited for CBS and should come on after Murder She Wrote.

A lot of good people claiming to be republicans and believing in smart fiscal policy and centrist are NOT impressed with John Bohners tan or Mitts flip flopping air of rich boy entitlement.

When Romney fades in the polls with voter turn out staggeringly low compounded with the economy coming back Wall Street like the leeches they are will come back to Obama on their knees. They won't be back to demand favorable legislation or we'll take our money elsewhere, but like the diseased gamblers they are to try and curry favor and get back on his good side to beg and plead for favorable legislation.

"Please don't correct us Mr. President, and the new congressional majority," they'll plead. "We'll set ourselves right, well be honest, really. No more trickery we promise, honest guys we're just choir boys not nearly tempted by the billions and trillions of dollars we oversee. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. We won't try to game the system for personal gain on the backs of the nation. Honest we won't need another bail out. Honest we're not too big to succeed and you can trust us with the social security money too - wink, wink.

We're just good hard working Americans with no blisters on our hands making nothing and skimming off the top. We're just honest middle men. We wouldn't cheat anybody or break the laws or try to get around them, or take our money out of the market and hide it all off shore starving the market of capital. No we're honest we're not greedy or burdened with over sized egos focused on out earning 45 other rich old white guys for bragging rights because we can't get it up. Honest we have the good of the whole country at heart. We have learned our lesson."

If men were angels we wouldn't need laws. Throw the book at the shysters. Burn them at the stake.

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