Thursday, January 05, 2012

Liberal, Socialist, Commie, Capitalist, Terrorist, Conservative - What's in a Name?

Republican Richard Nixon created the EPA and ended the Vietnam War because it was the politically expedient thing to do. The liberals protesting the war day in and day out and the democrats and moderate republicans in congress pushed him to do it - while you can thread out one or two examples of democrats that voted against civil rights - you can't change the fact that socialism is more name calling - just like liberal - as if caring for one another was a bad thing - open up your bibles you bandy about.

The facts prove that more equitable societies are more peaceful and productive. Whatever you call yourselves whether its jihad or communist, capitalist, liberal, socialist or conservative the name doesn't matter its all a struggle for power the haves versus the have nots.

The haves would be wise not to see how much they can steal from the public largess, public lands and public treasure and resources but to make damn sure that everyone who wants to can take care of themselves, their families and each other.

The conservative mouthpieces want to frame the debate as those who want to work versus the lazies who want hand outs. This is a pure fantasy. In fact the richest 1% and their children are the laziest who live off of trust funds and the fat of the land. How does a CEO make millions by squeezing his employees salary down and raising the price of his product as high as he can. It's called economy of scales. Because there are so many of us buy his product a slight increase results in billions of more dollars and one person reaps the most benefit the CEO at the top without breaking a sweat. For profit health care wouldn't be so lucrative if there weren't so many of us buying their product, same with oil. In other words CEO's are living off the fat of the land.

So who's lazy the poor? They don't have access to a solid education, an inheritance, connections or a good job and work their asses off working two or three minimum wage jobs just to send their kids to better schools and keep a roof over their head.

The handouts go to those rich enough and powerful enough to change the laws in their favor. And they try to do it relentlessly 24/7. The poor do not get a free ride. The rich get a free ride. Exxon mobile receives welfare in the form of tax dollar subsidies. Our government hands them our money and they don't need it. They want it and to monopolize and control and consolidate the energy industry around their one company but they don't need it. And so those who don't need it get tax breaks and the poor and needy, the sick and disabled get kicked to the curb or thrown into jail squeezed tighter and tighter. That's a dangerous game.

The conservative political philosophy was promulgated as a justification for screwing the weak. It was and is an excuse to rake in as much as they can of the nations treasure for themselves and then to move it out of the country and hide it on foreign soil. Those are your flag pin lapel wearing, bible thumping patriots.

There is a balance that needs to be achieved and only liberals, moderates, progressives, and the true evangelicals care about the welfare of the whole entire world, the stewardship of gods creation, civilization, society and each other. Its the only way we are all going to make it together all on the same team.

Divide and conquer give it any name you want will leave the conquers with their heads cut off because the hoarders of wealth and power who take all that money out of the market are vastly outnumbered.

It doesn't matter what they call it socialism, communism, terrorism, capitalism its all the same thing when done wrong. It's a consolidation of power and wealth by the few dressed up in whatever garment they think will get them elected, fatigues, robes, suits or flags. What they all eventually learn and usually the hard way is that its best not to decimate and squeeze down on the middle class too hard. Libya was not a war against terrorism it was a war against the insanely rich who put their thumb in the eye of everyone else, and horded their national treasure.

It is the survival of the planet that needs to come first if any of us are going to survive and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Or we can rip it all down, over fish it, over populate it, over pollute it, give ourselves cancer, fight to the death about it and annihilate ourselves in a petty king of the hill game. Try and eat the dollar bills and gold bars to survive surrounded by toxic waste, mercury, pesticide laden and processed food, and nuclear fallout.

In my opinion those calling themselves conservatives are presently the short sighted and mean spirited ones grubbing for power, grabbing at our national economy, cornering the market for themselves and crippling the economy, corrupting our democracy. Seventy years ago the were called socialist and communist now they are terrorist and conservatives all after the same thing - power, wealth and even fame. In the face of global survival and civilized societies who need to cooperate with each other they act as spoiled children unaware of their surroundings and predicaments.

The invisible hand of the free market is called absentee management at best, lawlessness at worst and its another fairy tale, label and logo to hide despicable behavior behind. In theory and in practice it doesn't work because it is a relinquishing of responsibility, and its lazy. The only people pushing for it are crooks and criminals, thugs and tyrants who don't want to be held accountable for their actions. Call it whatever you want the song remains the same.

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