Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Religion Equals Racism

Face it people each and every separate religious sect, cult, parish, congregation is a giant exclusionary club where you have to become "members". Now on the face of it I am not downing well meaning people. But there is nothing well meaning about saying one religion is right and that there is only one way to reach heaven, nirvana, enlightenment, salvation, or heaven. As long as we have religions who wage war with each other and vie for power and control they are all exclusionary racists.

Demanding my way or the highway or we'll vote against you, blow you up, shoot you, invade your country is just a pre-text for power and wealth. Organized religion is corrupt. Inside all of the churches, synagogues, temples, mosques are men. They are just men. They do not have any special powers. They do not have any special communications with creation. They are just men who put on airs and robes and turbans and light candles and perform rituals. You are bowing down to equals whether you like it or not.

Their actions just like your own define who they are. If they manipulate seekers, well meaning believers, people who choose to have faith in the actions of other men, people who need to follow because they lack the independence and faith in their own self, those who do not realize they are no less and no greater than all that lays before them, then they are evil incarnate.

If they gather resources to help one another without a litmus test then they are doing a good thing. It is the actions of men as groups and individuals that define their worthiness to organize and not blindly follow without question. For one thing is sure we have been given brains to use them and not to turn them off. You have a responsibility and birth right to use your brain, keep your own counsel and listen to your own conscience. The voice within may be the very god you are seeking.

Exclusionary, hateful, the Catholic Church doesn't endorse condoms for decades while the HIV virus is out there spreading, and their poor members trying to tow the line of whatever whims their man made edict form. The followers so submissive as to curry favor of those that wear robes and those who lend credence to the stature of the robes become openly vulnerable to misguided and counter-intuitive actions. Scientology, Mormonism all man made religions requiring weird behavior and tons of money from those that feel the need to join and belong to something. Taking advantage and doesn't Katie Holmes just look shell shocked and beaten down the light in her eyes gone and her smile tortured. This is religion? No this is mind control, this is power seeking to increase its power.

In the end people will believe what they want to believe. That so many choose to believe in a tossed off plot for an unwritten science fiction novel shouldn't come as any great surprise compared to scores of virgins waiting for you after you blow yourself up.

Why does anyone of us need more than the facts at hand to understand the wonderment of our collective existence. We're vulnerably floating in space people with just a thin atmosphere between life and death. You need more than that to act right to be well behaved, to be civilized and treat people the way you would want to be treated. Not one of us put this Earth here. Not one of us populated it with the natural world. For anyone man to act as if he had all the answers a direct line to some sort of god responsible for all of this is ludicrous. As soon as you hear that go the other way as fast as you can and take your wallet with you because that guy is up to no good.

There is no justification for harming others whether its withholding access to birth control or blowing a doctors brains out because your religion teaches you that every sperm is sacred. It may well be but so is each individual and so is each choice an individual makes, and the reason behind those choices. That's what makes abortion right or wrong. The reasons behind the actions all of the actions that lead up to that circumstance and the choices and reasons that lay before the individual in their moment and in their world not yours.

There is no excuse for blowing up peaceful citizens on their way to market, or work. There is no excuse for hanging men from tree branches even if you do burn a cross at the same time.

Religion equals racism in that it seeks to exclude, manipulate and use the weak all over the world. Its exploitation and excels at fear mongering, group think and repression.

Religion is mental slavery. Where is this heaven that we are all supposed to go to and revel in the promised land of peace and prosperity where every wish, want and joy is answered and why can't we do it here on earth right now? Maybe we are getting our purpose confused with our destination?

It seems to me that's the real point of it all. Can man get past his selfish pursuits of power and individual glory, and conquer not each other but ourselves and our selfish desires and hateful impulses. Whether he dresses himself up in robes or sleeps on a bed of gold he's just a man without any more of a clue than you or I. To the extent that he helps to create or destroy what has been laid out before us all on this planet is himself defined.

Too confused by ego, missing the whole point of it all and what would give it meaning and purpose lives are lived to do what gain wealth, power, control, acclaim, followers and minions? Ignoring the teachings of all those who would point to a more positive way we do justify the most horrid unspeakable actions in the name of religion.

Racism pure and simple, each culture having their own set of rules, dogmas, figureheads and myths pointing swords and guns at each other exclaiming you're wrong but only because they stand in the way of their worst pursuits.

Sorry dudes just because you dress up in robes doesn't mean you have a clue. The unanswerable is unanswerable perhaps by design to see what choices we make on our own.

The question is what are we all going to do about it? We can pretend none of it matters or we can step up to the plate, roll up our sleeves and start digging out of the ignorance we seem to revel in, or tear ourselves and our planet limb from limb. Rugged individualism is just an excuse for selfishness and exploitation and the lack of planetary discipline.

Religion is racism, an exclusionary power struggle and dictatorial in its practice and methods. To the extent that any good comes out of it is due to the actions of the actual people, human beings who do the good things and deeds. Its their deeds not their outfits that matter.

Figure heads, counsels, bishops, pastors, clerics and rabbis who claim a position of entitlement and authority above the rest of humanity because of some such special knowledge or position are in a word "wrong".

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