Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giffords; The Power of Propaganda and the Religion of Money

You reap what you sow....

Despite rhetoric coming from the Republican (Regressive) Party there is not an equivalence of equals in regard to the vitriol spewed by those seeking power on the so-called right, and those taking untenable positions to get elected in the face of the propaganda machine that is our corporate media.

The right wing loves their guns and they are itching to use them. The liberals are not forming militias, or even buying weapons. We don't hunt, we don't like to kill people or animals. You can disagree with our lifestyle but we don't waive guns in your face for doing so.

The right wing is violent, paranoid and threatened by those who reject their selfish, money hungry, hypocritical bible thumping versus their dog eat dog actions, every man in it for himself ways. Sorry but the religion of money is cold, heartless and quite frankly even dead wrong according to the very bible that their heroes use to get elected. That is what I find most galling. They bible thump and then commit heinous crimes, and strike heinous attitudes all in the name of the mythical lone rider that over worn western cowboy imagery that even Clint Eastwood debunked in his movie Unforgiven.

There is a news flash that everyone must get right now: the liberals, the left, the HIPPIES are NOT-NOT- represented by anyone in congress or the mainstream media.

We are quietly going on about our business trying to lead by example praying those vying for power and profit don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Some of us vote but we are not represented OR their wouldn't be subsidies to oil companies, ridiculously massive amounts of military spending, tariffs on cheaper pharmaceuticals, lower (unequal) tax rates for the hyper rich, or the massive spread of pesticides on our food, the killing of Wolves from helicopters, the gun show loophole, the 1872 mining law, the annihilation of our environment, the pollution of our water, the ruining of our health, the rise of cancer, the destruction of our forests, the destruction of our fisheries, the elimination of mid-size family farms, factory farming, American Imperialism, the demonizing of labor unions, hundreds of military bases stationed in other peoples countries, the absence of the fairness doctrine, the removal of the glass steagall act, for profit health care, and the destruction of our public educational system.

If we were represented we would have a "we" society instead of a "me" society. A society that was fairer and less violent (as the fairer societies are).

Lets have a little intellectual honesty here and use our common sense.

"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war" Albert Einstein.

So good luck justifying greed, war, poverty, ignorance, hate and hunger in this world when its completely unnecessary, counter productive and fixable if we championed fair and equitable societies. But we don't in fact we champion the opposite the rugged individual, the screw you mentality, and to hell with everyone else. Its not very considerate now is it...or what your mama taught you growing up (to share), and the homeless elderly are on the rise - what a country.

Personally I blame all the politicians for not standing up to the special interest of the profit first crowd. They could easily band together (unionize) and do the right thing but because they put themselves first (gotta get reelected) above the country as a whole we stumble and fall. Its quite pitiful actually....and like I said you reap what you sow. An age of glorifying greed and selfishness has littered our political landscape with sociopaths railing against homosexuals while secretly being one soliciting sex at a public restroom, but heck they go to church so they must be all right.

No one should be surprised that the sign that said "next time we're coming armed" was fulfilled in what six months...congratulations mankind - your ignorance is personified.

Those of us on the left are wondering when the rabid are going to calm down, recognize everyone in the world belongs, and live and let live?

But keep concentrating the wealth into the hands of the 1% since they fund the legislature it will continue unless the 1% get paranoid and realize the haves vs the have nots is whats coming next, and that they are outnumbered. But they have the armies and police force and know the (right thinking) - left - abhor violence and guns. Only minor changes will come after Gabby the gun rights activist that she claims to be heals. Education might get better and the social safety net such as it is with the mentally disabled wandering the street able to purchase guns is left in tact.

No not until WE all agree fair and equitable is the safest way to go for a better country and world will we ever straighten out the messes of the money worshipers. Until then they are running roughshod over the very idea emblazoned in our founding document...."WE" the what it says not we the profit margin...the people come first.

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