Friday, November 20, 2009

Speak - Kristen Stewart - Movie Review

With all the Twilight promotion going on I wanted to throw out two movie reviews and a third recomendation that feature Kristen in powerful roles. The first one Speak based on a novel of the same name is more than a movie. On its own its a great story and the acting of Kristen Stewart the self proclaimed "regular chick" is vibrant and strong. Its as well done a movie as you could expect for the subject matter. We have all been to high school and witnessed and wandered through the minefield. The battle scars are real and so is the pain.

There are plenty of strong performances as the cast obviously came together on this effort. This is by far my favorite role for Steve Zahn and D.B. Sweeney plays the role of Kristen's father perfectly.

Chances are if you are flipped out over the Twilight Series you have watched everything you can get your hands on regarding Kristen Stewart. But if you only have a passing awareness of this actress because of the media blitz or you are outside the target market ignore the hype and see for yourself this powerful actress, and this moving movie.

The other movie I would recommend is The Cake Eaters - Kristen Stewart puts her body through some contortions. Her character has a rare degenerative nerve disorder. This is a directorial debut for Mary Staurt Masterson - Bruce Dern also stars in this heartfelt drama. This is a sweet movie with plenty of edge and tension between the characters.

Do your self a favor and rent it from net flix.

For a little lighter fare although Kristen brings her "A" game we also enjoyed Adventurland

Keep up the great work Kristen and don't get too caught up in the fame. I think this "chick" has her feet on the ground and I hope I get to see her performing and growing for a long time.


Paul Burke said...

Speak is being aired on Lifetime but they are not airing the hot-lines and websites that could be helping - this of course is an abomination in my opinion - here is what I wrote Lifetime Television and I encourage you to do the same.

Speak is a very important movie - thank you for airing it - however you are hugely dropping the ball. Even on the DVD there is a website and phone number for woman (of all ages) who need help with the issue so wonderfully addressed in this movie.

I am beyond dismayed that with all of the numerous commercial interruptions you couldn't have once posted the PSA that came with the DVD or aired any information at all about crisis hot lines.

Since you are making money by airing this movie you should at least air the PSA's before during and after the movie - you had plenty of air time to do it.

Lifetime live up to your reputation and try and help - just don't air Kristen's movie because she is the flavor of the month - air it because it's a serious issue and then air the hot-line and help website information.

I'm appalled and dismayed you have dropped the ball here - don't you think rape, date rape and the teenagers, coeds and adults going through it deserve to have the information - or are you in business just to exploit these social abominations?

It's a question you should ask yourself.

Paul Burke said...

Here's a web site that lifetime or perhaps you might want to check out!