Monday, December 22, 2008

Richard Julian

I'm not up on all the latest music so something has to cross my path in an odd way for me to discover anything new. Who knows or cares what's going on in the world of pop music? However, every now and then I stumble into something I just have to share. Richard Julina's 2008 release "Sunday Morning in Saturday's Shoes" is a knockout variety of sound and lyric that will lift your spirits. Smart, smart, smart is the way I describe this guitar playing, song writer. A mix of folk and jazz with humor and melancholy, wonderful tempo and lyrics strung together in a mosaic that hides their complexity in seemingly simple syncopation.

His guitar playing is top notch but it's not a session of hot licks for the sake of hot licks. The man is building song structures, weaving, and fading, culminating and dissolving with his band featuring upright bass, piano and percussion. A Blue Note record group project more than worthy of that labels pedigree.

Great themes abound as songs about life run from the personal to the Syndicated. Spring is indeed just around the corner. If you get a chance on December 24th - Richard Julian will be making an appearance on SPECTACLE: ELVIS COSTELLO's show on the Sundance channel at 9pm. James Taylor will be the featured guest. This is the kind of music worthy of our attention and hard earned dollars. Richard get on down to Virginia Beach. I'll be the first in line. This is an awesome, awesome talent, and a great disc for both Jazz, Folk and singer songwriter fans. I can not overstate it and will be searching out his earlier catalog.

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