Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 - Remember Why.....

It's been a while since I just tossed some thoughts out there but today had me cringing. There is an abundance of righteous remembrance this year about 9-11. It is being co-op'd by the political animals. I do not remember this much "airplay" about 9-11 last year. Be that as it may there are two things going on here. One - the exploitation of the memory of the victims and their families for political gain, and two - being totally ignored - the reason why.

Lets give a solemn nod to number one - the victims. Those images of men and women plummeting from the trade center towers have stayed with me. There was a wonderful traveling photo show "Here is New York" that I attended in D.C. that portrayed all of the people, and first responders that really hit home. Of course the image of the towers being struck over and over again was horrific, and actually living through the evacuation in D.C. - well I saw bodies on the ground. Enough said right...okay I'm very respectful of all that.

However number two - the why - is not being discussed. I mean when we discuss John Edwards haircut or John McCain's $500.00 dollar loafers, or Britney Spears every move you would think the professional and commercial media might discuss why... as much as they genuflect to the victims - the why needs as much airplay! It isn't getting any.

Whether you subscribe to the unofficial explanations of false flag rallying as in the Gulf of Tonkin, or the official explanation of a ragged cave dwelling band of terrorist it doesn't matter. Because if you trace both ends of the spectrum back to their roots everyone is in agreement. The reason for 9-11 was Oil.

On the unofficial end of the explanation as to WHY and it's compelling evidence or lack of evidence (no actual picture of a plane hitting the Pentagon) and building seven dropping in text book controlled demolition fashion - the reason why was to create a false flag rallying point to invade - not Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia - where the alleged hijackers came from, but to go into Iraq. Why did we do that? Was Osama in Iraq? It's obvious to most of us around the world that we went into Iraq for the Oil. Why else are we there? Did we suddenly grow a conscious about Saddam gassing the Kurds - thirteen years later? Not hardly.

On the official explanation end - why are the Arab citizens of the world so pissed off at us? Does the rich kid from the Bin Laden family have nothing better to do with his time and money? What is he fighting for - let's talk about that for a second.

Imagine living in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma or Michigan, and there were big Soviet Union Military bases in your back yard, big red stars, big red flag, men in uniform, and big Soviet Union Oil Companies pumping out your natural resources from under your home, and sending it out of your country, while giving billions of Rubles (dollars) to just a few members of your political elite. Certainly it is not hard to see how someone even the well educated and wealthy would chafe under that kind of inequity. What if you a citizen, perhaps displaced or a tax payer needed some of that money, or the oil was coming off of your great grandfathers property or that you thought you or your organization could put all that wealth to good use but you had to go stand in line and beg for it from a wealthy Saudi Prince or political elite. Think about it - foreign military bases on our soil. Our excuse - we were invited. By who? The political elite a very tiny minority of well connected super wealthy business men, royalty and/or politicians who don't share the wealth. Sound familiar?

The common denominator on this whole completely avoidable mess of a day (9/11) is oil, Exxon Mobile, and BP.

If our corporate controlled highly lobbied government had the foresight and the guts to do the math they would have known and heeded the wake up call from the oil embargo back in 1973. How could we let so much time go with out gaining our independence, our energy independence? Oh yeah THEY were making money.

Keep in mind fellow Americans that we fought a war for independence and that now we shrug our shoulders at the very thought of being energy independent. By being dependent on oil we brought those towers down ourselves. We forced those poor people to jump. Because we were lazy and did the politically expedient. We were complacent and our political representatives and the status quo led us right to that day seven years ago. We did nothing and in fact rolled back gas mileage and drove SUV's in a total fog of ignorance, short term memory and of course macho fueled arrogance.

So if you want to be humble about the families those poor people left behind and the bravery of the the first responders, and do their memory the honor of asking why then have the courage they had to work night and day advocating and voting for energy independence. Understand the facts that not only has oil caused 9-11 but it has caused the warming of the planet, the melting of the ice caps, the crippling of our economy, the resurgence of the Soviet Union, and the emergence of a hostile Venezuela.

The true path towards honoring the victims of 9-11 is a total commitment to clean energy and true energy independence. Obviously there is not enough oil in the waters and lands of our country or we wouldn't have gone to the mid east in search of more.

If you want to be macho then export our clean energy technologies to the world and put an end to the tyranny of energy politics that have plagued Georgia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Clean energy sources are abundant and do not come with strings attached:

Natural gas to power vehicles
Air powered cars
Solar Thermal

Oil is the root of all evil and greed has taken us straight to the gates of hell. The status quo sits in the way of a healthy future guarding it's profit margins and causing war. So when you remember 9-11 and you think gosh I hope that doesn't happen again, and wasn't that awful. Ask yourself why it happened. We are to blame. Now is the time to bank roll the clean economy and stand up on our own two feet!

Author - Journey Home

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