Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barak Obama is not a phony

I find it fascinating that one of the most viewed posts on my site is the hastily named "Bill Richardson is OUR MAN - Barak Obama is a Phony (tax increases and liquid coal)." This post was posted September 2007.

I'm pretty sure that the people hitting this post aren't researching Bill Richardson. I like to think I have integrity (I try, really I do) so although I have been embarrassed by that title I have left it up. The actual content of the blog I stand by. I'm still against the payroll tax and believe that money would be of better use to our country if it stayed in our pay checks. I also believe liquid coal is an absurd, inherently filthy, god awful idea. But Barak Obama is not a phony.

I watched his acceptance speech tonight on PBS. I didn't want commentary telling me what to think. He proposed a tax cut to 95% of Americans. That's a tax break for the middle class and hopefully he has steered away from or I had wrong information about his stance on any more payroll taxes. I just wish someone would roll them back completely. Even a few percentage points would be a boom for the economy.

He did not mention liquid coal but mentioned clean coal. I can deal with clean coal. But the coal cartel is just as powerful as big oil, and although quieter just as lethal and uncaring and vision less and arrogant with their practice of mountain top removal decimating the blue ridge, and our water supply.

He mentioned nuclear power. I can not deal with that. Talk about leaving an unwanted legacy behind for our children. If they could figure out away to dispose of nuclear waste properly, safely, environmentally and economically, and if it wasn't just a target for terrorist I might accept it as a bridge technology to energy independence until the solar thermal plants can be built, and brought on line. But I will fight against all things nuclear heart and soul even if a miracle cure for the lethal waste issue was solved if we don't have an equal to or better than investment in solar thermal.

More to the point. It was the first time I got to see the man speak. In his eyes in the timber of his voice in his mannerisms there are no fake smiles, no Bush smirks, or fraudulent McCain over grinning clown faces or awkward arm gestures. This guy is the real deal. I think he is right this campaign isn't about Barak Obama. This campaign is about enough is enough. The Fox has been in charge of the hen house way too long and the status quo has shirked it's responsibility to America proper, the Constitution, our history, those who have gone before us and our future.

We have taken care of Smith Barney to the point of recklessness. It's way past time to help the Barney Smiths of the world.

A hastily titled post that gets a lot of hits on my small out of the way blog tells me that small minded people are still looking high and low to hate/fear/upend this man for the puny sake of politics. I hope they do not succeed. Barak Obama is the real deal. Barak Obama is not a phony. That still doesn't mean I'm voting for him. I'm a little more radical and would love to see what a Ralph Nader could accomplish from the oval office. But Barak Obama is history happening right before our very eyes. It was a beautiful night for America tonight. It was right up there with the moon landings. That is an undeniable fact. This is an incredible moment and I am inspired. I would be thrilled to see him get a chance to right this ship that generations of Bush's and people of Rove's mentality have driven off course.

Good night and good luck,

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