Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

This is a repost but the cartoon is priceless set this creep straight.

Senator Larry Craig - famous for misbehaving in a different kind of stall - is using stall tactics on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

His threat to hold up Senate consideration of the bill (S.311 by Sens. Landrieu and Ensign) is putting thousands of horses in danger of ruthless killer buyers who want to buy horses at auction and haul them to Mexico or Canada for a gruesome demise.

Tell your Senator to Stop the Larry Craig Stall.

Please do it today: Click HERE and send your Senator a message.

And please forward this email to 10 of your horse-loving friends, asking them to do the same.

Thanks for all you do to protect horses.

Soraya Gheissari

Executive Director

National Horse Protection League

The National Horse Protection League is an online community dedicated to making every horse a wanted horse. Our mission is simple: to protect horses and help owners who can no longer care for their animals find a humane and loving alternative to cruel death or abandonment. Visit and find out how you can show your love of horses.

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