Friday, March 28, 2008

Bush Corporate Welfare and Parkinson Disease

Keep stickin' it to us Georgie Boy. You figure the next guy will clean it up. Well unless it's Ralph Nader I'm not so sure. More corporate welfare is being given away as our miner in chief, our oil well exploiter and our failed businessman in chief continues to ravage the country side and economy. Thanks for f'in the whole thing up so completely George. The dollar ain't worth squat, and that's on your watch. Wall Street is being bailed out by the tax payers, and that's on your watch. The deficit is at a trillion dollar all time high, and that is on your watch. Clean air and clean water standards have been rolled back, and that is on your watch. An unnecessary war draining the economy, and that is on your watch. More corporate welfare for the screw ups on Wall Street, and that is on your watch. George heres a news flash. Your a complete idiot and a complete and utter failure at EVERYTHING you do. Hell you can't even get being "born again" right.

George want some help? Here's a clue. Dirty energy is killing us - literally. As you send our sons and daughters to die for oil wells and profits and a few of your close buddies get rich the rest of us breath in the cancerous fumes and try to wipe of the Parkinson disease giving pesticides off our bodies. It's funny that such an anti-science religious right guy has so much faith in made made chemicals and exploits. It's time to balance our lives, production and consumption and be more in tune with the world as created by god. You wouldn't go up to god in the kitchen and say," hey god nice Earth Soup your brewing there how about some man-made chemicals to spice things up? Here's some mercury for the air and fish and how about more carbon we need more carbon? Oh and this nuclear waste will really add some spice to your perfectly balanced and organic recipe. The time is now big boys. We need to align ourselves with what is actually provided by the Earth and not get so enamored with our own creations. Besides most of what we create gives us cancer or kills us.

To help stop Bush's latest forest give away click here.
To learn about Parkinson's disease and the pesticides and herbicides in our homes click here.
To end the one sided representation of Corporate America in our political system click here.
To learn about clean energy sources click here.

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