Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bill Richardson is OUR MAN - Barak Obama is a Phony (tax increases and liquid coal)

Bill Richardson For President!

Barak is just another phony - sorry I know he's the hip flavor but get those Hollywood stars out of your eyes and just listen to what he is saying.

Good god the man wants to RAISE the payroll taxes - that's buying power and saving power taken directly out of YOUR PAYCHECK.

NO. no, no, no!

No way can I in any way shape or form accept more taxes going to Washington D.C. The federal government is awash in our money. They must learn to make do with what they have got, prioritize and make spending cuts where necessary. The amount of money given in subsidies correctly called "Corporate Welfare" is huge. The amount of money going to outdated weapon systems is over half the budget. There is plenty of money in Washington. These idiots have the nerve to suggest obtaining more revenue by increasing the amount of money deducted from our paychecks? Have you looked at your paycheck? They are already grabbing the first third off the top.

The payroll tax should be eliminated completely. It would be a boon to the market place and increase savings by giving us our damn money back to invest or spend as we see fit.

You want to fix social security? Eliminate Congress's special retirement package which sends millions of our tax money dollars to the political hacks and cronies and their widows and families in excess of six figures a year. That's everyone who has ever served or been elected and still living and their heirs. Wake up people they are ripping us off and feel entitled to it! It's our money. It's time we vote for the right candidate and not who the media tells us to vote for.

In last nights debate ONLY BILL RICHARDSON said he would bring all of the troops home by the end of the "FIRST YEAR" of his term and he was the only candidate to say unequivocally that he WOULD NOT raise the PAYROLL tax.

Barak's position on raising taxes, his failure to commit to bring the troops home and his absurd position on promoting the production of liquid coal (more of our money funneled to the super rich on a dubious extremely catastrophic dirty energy source)- make this alleged maverick just another corporate shill (puppet, hack) afraid to take on and fix the real problems in government. Like the rest of us the government has to prioritize and redistribute the money THEY ALREADY HAVE.

Sorry for the capital letters but I'm completely pissed off. Is anybody actually listening to these people? If you are the only choice for President is Bill Richardson

Case Closed.

From the link above:

"Richardson said he would make sure that the troops were home by the end of his first year in office."

"Richardson said he wouldn’t, (raise the payroll tax)"

Richardson Proposed Military Plan

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Print Your Own Solar Cells!

This is a repost from the fantastic Earth & Sky Blog!

The Sun, the source of our solar energy.

Someday you’ll be able to print out solar cells on your home printer.

Conventional solar cells that are used on buildings and satellites are made from purified silicon. But, over the past decade, scientists have been exploring the potential of a polymer material that can be easily coated, or painted on, to surfaces like laptops, appliances or cars.

They’re called “organic” solar cells. Earth & Sky spoke to Somenath Mitra at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. His recent contribution is a type of organic solar cell that combines fullerenes – or buckyballs – with carbon nanotubes. The buckyballs trap electrons from light, and the tiny nanotubes act like wires to conduct the electric current.

Mitra told Earth & Sky that organic solar cell technology should lead to solar cells you can print from a home computer in about five to 10 years. Organic solar cells still have a way to go, though, before they’re as efficient as conventional solar cells.

Meanwhile, Mitra told Earth & Sky that much of the promise of solar energy depends on cost. The pace of development will pick up even more, he said, when solar panels become much cheaper – or when our power bills become much higher.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

John Stewart, Petreaus, and Bin Laden - Duck Soup

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that since the 1920’s Western Europe and the United States have been trying to control that Mid East Oil. Being in Iraq to get Bin Laden is like O.J. looking for Nicole’s real killers (complete and utter bullshit). Anyone who denies that is delusional and doesn’t have the guts to realize their beloved country has been hijacked by a bunch of liars.

Thou shall not lie is one of the ten commandments. How is it that the war liars got the support of the religious right and the good god fearing people of middle America? Because they lied and continue to lie to them. Why is Al Gore vilified and treated like the enemy? He’s an American citizen. Anyone who turns Americans against one another is the problem. A house divided can not stand. The simple truths born out through history proved again and again are completely ignored by our media talking heads who will say anything to get on Television and grab a pay check.

The good of the Country isn’t on their radar. Profit is the false god we worship (oops another commandment we aren’t following). When profit and money trump all other concerns we can’t even manage our plentiful resources successfully. If we did we would have the highest fuel efficiency standards in the world. As it stands we are way down on the list with Canada, Europe and China selling vehicles with better fuel efficiency. Why (?) Because…..drum roll please….it’s about profit and the more oil we consume the more the big boys sell. But in the end it’s a house of cards and when it comes down we better all pray it’s not horrible. Nuclear weapons make this little game of sacrificing the poor as soldiers to do the big boys profiteering is dicey for all of us. There is no hiding in the Caymans from nuclear warheads.

A targeted, elite special op’s operation to get Bin Laden (who’s parents do business with Bush, James Baker and the Carlyle group) would have been the honest way to go - unless Bin Laden himself (who received arms and covert contact from the Americans when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan) is really a CIA operative, a double agent, a god damn independent run amok, or a red herring.

Isn’t anyone struck by the timing of Bin Laden’s press and video releases being counter productive and counter intuitive towards what Bin Laden says he wants? They just “happen” to coincide with our elections and this bogus dog and pony show (report) by Petraeus.

Bin Laden is supposed to be so smart orchestrating a world wide terror ring - so he opens his mouth right before an election to help elect the “one party” that can defeat him? Bin Laden pops up after months and years of silence right before the reading of this report? For what…to remind us we have something to fear and should stay at war?

Bin Ladern wants our bases off Saudi soil. The last thing he would do is use his terror shtick to scare us into staying at war with our bases in the Mid-East. This evil overlord who successfully hides from all of our efforts to find him and slips away at Torra Bora when we have him surrounded (and then pull back) is so savvy that he throws himself out there to re-elect Republicans and pump up support for Petraeus’s report and our continued war presence?

Dear lord people get a clue. Up is down in the world of politics, espionage and war profiteering. The so called “Clear Sky Act” actually weakened environmental standards and on and on. Don’t be such unthinking dupes.

As for comedians being unable to have insight and pierce the smoke and mirrors with a lightening bolt of truth just because they are comedians - that’s completely bogus - everyone from Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Carlos Mencia, Lewis Black, to Mark Twain and Ben Franklin were able to elicit in a few words, “truth,” that the powers that be would rather we not see or deal with.

For another brilliant comedian watch Robert Newman’s History of Oil

It’s been out for a while but deserves another look unless of course your mind is closed.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Quiet Voice Within

There’s a lot of things going wrong in the world; peak oil which claims in 40 years all the oil reserves will be gone, our arrogant cowboy diplomacy, polluted water, polluted air, polluted food, melting ice caps, massive daily species extinction, unaffordable health care, a devastated and destroyed public educational system, corporate monopoly over the political system, media and commerce, mountain top mining, slaughtering wolves from helicopters, dog fighting, rape, murder, depleted over fished ocean resources used as a sewage dump, theft of the public treasury by private corporations, an unrepresentative government spewing out ideological non-sense to divide and conquer, religious organization that kill, hate and destroy themselves and each other, music that spews vial and disgusting attitudes, the erosion of civil liberties, greed, hatred, jealousy, fear, indifference, apathy, diet, 5% of the worlds population consuming 25% of the energy. We are a decidedly out of balance, corrupt, disingenuous, angry, selfish, ignorant, lacking knowledge of history and culture, blundering nation. Like a huge headless colossal buffoon blindly in the night we trip over ourselves, exploiting and hustling the angles and the angels until we come apart at the seams. We need to get right. Our pool of candidates and politicians are a vapid, self indulged, corrupt, hypocritical, dangerous bunch of loonies because of the culture from which they come. A society which puts profit above even survival is indeed ludicrous.

Mutts Comics

As individuals in each of our tiny little corners of life in every moment, every day and in every way we make a difference creative or destructive. Hope is a living thing and there is nothing we can not do or accomplish. Make the world around you a better place. You know what to do and the difference between right and wrong. Listen to that small quiet voice within and be the change you seek.

American Farmland Trust

Bio Gems

Earth Justice

Green Mountain Coffee

Mountain Top Removal

Natural Defense Council

Oil Change International

Peak Oil

Union of Concerned Scientists

World WildLife Action


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