Friday, January 26, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I finally saw Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth. Now look a lot of people said Al was just doing this to get his name back out there to run for President. He had disingenuous motives. Me thinks his critics (guys who make money from selling large quantities of oil) are the ones with disingenuous motives. Mr. Gore better hurry up and announce he's running for President because he is way behind the fund raising curve for 2008. Typically, that immediate criticism was spin to dissuade potential viewers. Why?

The status quo will only adapt and change when they have no other choice. Then we had two (count em) two and only two - astroturf groups come out and put down the movie. Well what do you expect from Exxon Mobil? They are not going to say "oh yes Al is right, and by the way have you heard about the electric car?" They are going to protect their business tooth and nail.

To the extent the public is easily manipulated is an indictment on all of us. It's interesting that the oil men from Texas who run the government these days - refused - refused - I mean flat out refused to see the film. Now that's just dumb. There is nothing like a closed mind to insure that one never learns anything or learns from their past mistakes. If you haven't seen this documentary yet do yourself a favor. Forget Al Gore and the smearing he received and still receives from his political rivals. Forget the fearful status quo who are too lazy to figure out how to profit from the upcoming inevitable change we must all go through. Focus in on the information provided.

You don't have to buy into the documentary lock stock and barrel. You never should with anything you see, hear, or read. That is part of the reason the public is so easily manipulated. Walter Cronkite and integrity in our news outlets vanished decades ago. But, do leave yourself open to the possibility that you are receiving information that might be legitimate. There are very strong moneyed interest who have a distinct motive in suppressing this information. Their motive is their profit margin not our collective well being. Keep an open mind be a free thinker (think for yourself) and you might just learn something or look at something a little differently, change and even grow as a human being. Heck you might even do something about it and through action reach a certain fulfillment in your life you might not have at this moment. The possibilities are endless if one is open to them.

Bottom line: this is an awfully small planet in an enormous universe. This vehicle called Earth is not infinite in it's resources and is very finite if off kilter or out of balance. After all we are spinning like a top - the slightest tweak could put an end to that.

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Liver Cancer said...

Fund raising for politics...

Democracy is ruled with money...why do we need democracy when we don't have money????

Give us some fresh air to breath and good food to eat!!!!!

Liver Cancer