Thursday, September 07, 2006

Disdain, disregard and disgust

This from Dick Polman's blog -

"...(S)ome Republican strategists remain seriously concerned about their prospects in November. They fear that the party's control of Congress is imperiled simply because swing voters equate the GOP with the status quo -- at a time when the status quo is not popular. "

I agree:
Status quo is the issue - look the status quo is the war strategy, the status quo is our energy policy the two are tied together. The Dems are just politicians like the GOP so big oil will have plenty of money around on both sides of the isle. But with the Dems you get some progressive (liberal) ideas. The old hey it ain't workin' lets try something different imagination thing and a lot more environmental sensibility, and a minimum wage increase. Whereas with the Bush acolytes you get policy for the uber rich 1% of the population. That ain't you and me brother and it never will be.

As long as upper middle and middle class America walk around idolizing the uber wealthy because someday it might be us (which is a complete pile of b.s.) we are going to continue to elect these unrepresentative whores. They have no allegiance to us (the other 99%). They look at our regular but vastly more important daily concerns with complete disdain, disregard and disgust. We have a better shot at improving our daily lives, pay, health care and legal recourse against big corporate america with the Dems than the GOP (Grand Oil Party). Vote your pocket book and tell the moral majority and big oil go fu** yourselves. America needs to stand up and be counted!

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