Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Enough Pollution Not Enough Oil

The link above shows a pretty clear cut map of the worlds oil reserves. We are wasting tax dollars to drill in the Gulf or along our coasts. The politics behind the new drilling efforts are just more corporate welfare. We have less than 2% of the worlds remaining supplies. Oil is dirty it pollutes the land, air and sea and thus people. That's right all that pollution is trapped in our bodies. It's time to clean our bodies out of this toxic waste by eliminating it from our diet. We need clean energy sources. It's time for raised fuel efficiency in cars, wind and solar power. Let's make our capital investments in new sources of clean energy and get away from investing in failed, zero return oil drilling and the dirty energy it produces. Maintaining the status quo is costing lives, growing terrorist and creating war. I want to thank my new friends at environmental action for the maps!

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