Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Endangered Species Act

These are god's creatures - his creation if I was in charge I'd make sure to honor god's creation by protecting it, fostering it and preserving it to the best of my ability. As humans we are given the choice of free will. To not recognize and see that something larger, better and more complete than man has spun this Earth into existence is childish. Man's endeavors will never equal or match this. It would be wise to know our place in the face of creation and to harmonize our endeavors with our environment. Anything less than that is sacrilegious and only results in diminishing our spirit and worth as caretakers, managers of the great, diverse, wondrous gifts that are here for us to see, and that provide for our very existence. This is a test I assure you and the choices we make will define us forever as short sighted plunderers or true partners with the creator (whoever or however you define him/her).

Representative Pombo's "Extinction Bill" (H.R. 3824), which passed the House last year, would fatally undermine the Endangered Species Act.

ESA Summary
Pombo's Hypocrisy
H.R. 3824

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Camslab said...

if starting a list of animals and plants will get those species some needed respect, then im for it.

but the problem here is that this policy leaves a huge list of life forms to continue to be, gently put, disrespected.