Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Journey Home Update

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share this note from an unknown reader. It is inspiring and heart felt and why I wrote the book Journey Home. I hope everyone who reads Journey Home gets something personal, profound, profane and fun from the read. In short this rocks and slaps a big smile on my face!

Paul, I finished reading "Journey Home". I had reread many passages as I was so entranced with the messages. It is so refreshing to find someone else who sees the deeper reasons and meanings of life. I especially enjoyed the passages about the wind, water and nature talking/feeling. About how mankind has lost the real journey. As I had a dear friend who was torn between his spiritual quest and the illusions(or delusions) he got caught up with in a rock star world, I can so relate to the characters' journey in your book. It helped me to somewhat understand what he must have struggled with. It all became clear to him at the end; that may have been a blessing in itself.

My own values have become so much less of things and people of this world and more towards a spiritual quest. I see you quoted Edgar Cayce.

Have you written any other books? Have you ever done any biographies?

I would love to read any other books you may have published.

Never loose your inner self.



Thank You Donna!!!!

Comments like that make the decades long struggle to finish my novel so worth it I will always remember your kind words.
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