Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well we do talk about music quite a bit - and we listen to it - with the emphasis on listen - the interplay of the musicians, the harmony of the voices, and the lyrics. Music isn't a distraction - background noise - and certainly I don't care what the trends of the day are. The "coolest" music deemed by who - a bunch of corporate suits trying to increase their profit margin? Souless, money grubbing, bums jamming the airways with the same song rotation over and over again until we are all mindless idiots - must buy Britney, Justin. Eleven weeks of American Idol - now that's marketing!

No honest music is what sells here - and is what I love. Music for the sake of making music, and what the true musical experience can do to your soul - we have souls you know - hmm interesting - souls. Souls that are impacted by what we feed our bodies, our heads, and minds, and souls that impact each other projecting onto each other what we feed to ourselves. Turn the commercials, noise, lies, and pundits off, and be careful about what your senses take in through your eyes, and ears because it eventually comes out of your mouth. Love your brain don't feed it a bunch of b.s., the "art of noise" indeed.

So what's in the player these days? Well I stumbled into "Birdland" a wonderful old music store, and was surprised to see David Bromberg's "Midnight on the Water" reissued. I featured "Yankee's Revenge" quite a bit on my show and scooped that disc up.

So what did I buy that wasn't a reissue?

I'm in love with "Exploration" by Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion. Dynamic interplay of Byrds like, folk rock - with a nice edge. It will surprise you, and it is very thoughtfully played, and sung. If Sarah and Johnny are in your neighborhood go see them! They get a big "full heart" recomendation from me!

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