Thursday, May 12, 2005

Journey Home

It has occured to me that Washington has run amok and a foul of the original framers of the Constitution's intent. The religious extreme are bent on converting us all to their religion, and are making a very succesful play in electing their puppets to inflict their particular belief system on all of us. It's a fascinating thing to me that their religion requires that they need National recognition, and that they implore their congregations to convert or brainwash their personal beliefs onto other individuals. I don't think that is even relevant to an individuals pursuit of happiness or enlightenment. It takes an inner journey and projects it's relevance and inner truth onto another individual who might be walking a different path to enlightenment. It's as if they need to convert people to validate their own particular belief system. The devil is in the detail kids, and that to me is a recipie for disaster. Force your beliefs on another person and you are cruisin' for a brusin'. Religion is a deeply personal journey of introspection. We are all impacted by our individual circumstances, and this is not a one size fits all reality.

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The book hits on a variety of issues, and has been receiving some very positive reviews. Chat me up about the book or politics and the environment. We have a voice, and we need to exercise it. There is no longer any room for people who want to be "democracy dropouts" - there are too many important issues being decided as we speak!

Hopefully in the future we can have a multitude of links that will help get more people involved in the political process. I wrote Journey Home as a metaphysical jolt to the system, and a fun fast paced story to entertain. I hope you get a chance to read it, and talk about it on this blog. But the blog isn't just about my book and the words I am trying to get out there - but about active participation in the political process - we can make a difference!

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Paul Burke said...

Happy Friday - Check out the new post "Activist Judges" The new buzz phrase to discredit judges from rendering unpopular decisions.

Popularity, and what's popular, and the trends of the day often do not take into account the Constitution of The United States.