Thursday, June 26, 2008

Colin Hay - Men at Work - - Music Review

Are You Looking At Me? - Colin Hay's 2007 release has found it's way to my disc player. Let me just dispense with the suspense. Oh my god - I freaking love this disc. Holly smokes out of the blue comes a mature, sophisticated, smart, intelligent, sumptuous delight of audio, lyric, fun and contemplation from the former Men At Work front man. I can not rave about this disc enough. First off Colin's voice is still intact. Secondly, his sense of humor is as strong as ever tempered with age, wisdom, insight, humility, compassion, and yes love. The production is first rate. The tunes bounce along, float, rock, boogie and reflect. The syncopation isn't hurried but tempered and well I am so impressed - this is now my new favorite disc. He's out touring with Ringo - that's just completely perfect. If he comes to Virginia Beach I'll be the first to buy tickets.

Well done Colin well done and welcome back amigo!!!!!!!!!!

This time is different - this time we got you -- and I thank you for that!

Author- Journey Home

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

70 miles per gallon!!!!

Necessity is the mother of invention and the oil industry has plunged the stake into their own heart. Clean energy and sustainability is the wave of the future because it is the only way to survive. The status quo will not give up without a fight but when they finally WAKE UP and realize there is money to be made they will all jump on board the new green economy. Until then they are blocking all legislative initiatives, tax breaks and guarding their outrageous subsidies (your government at work) like any entrenched power might do - the unenlightened ones.

Author - Journey Home